UCHealth's Evre Self-Care Saturday Event

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a women’s self care event hosted by UCHealth. The Event was held at the Denver Broncos training facility which was pretty neat, I had never been there. The day was all about encouraging women to practice self care, set goals and focus on themselves sometimes.

“evre was created by women to connect women of all walks of life. This year’s focus is self-care, acknowledging that work-life balance is a real struggle and, too often, personal and emotional health get trumped by work, family and home responsibilities.” - UCHealth

The day started off with a goal setting session with Goal Coach Jacki Carr. This was actually my favorite part of the whole event. She is a very motivating speaker and she could really relate to the audience and how women often think about themselves and their situations. She started off by having us turn to the person next to us and say “You belong here, and so do I”. This was powerful to me and it really resonated with me. A lot of times I attend events like this by myself and it can feel a little awkward to start. This was a good ice breaker.

We did a couple of journal exercises also. In one of them we wrote out things that we want in our lives inside of a big circle and the things we do not want outside of the circle. I was amazed at how much filled up the inside. There were somethings outside of the circle as well of course. But reflecting on what I wrote made me grateful that my life is pretty great and there aren’t too many things I would get rid of.

After the goal setting session there were a couple of workout sessions. I did a workout led by Natalie Uhling. To be honest I only got half way through the workout. This was mainly because it was dance inspired and I am not about that life (haha no coordination). It was a good workout though, tough for sure, it had my heart rate up!

After that I ran into some of the ladies of FitLo Denver and walked around to some the vendors that were on site. I got some samples from the folks at Vital Proteins and RX Bar both of which I love. I was able to try out some of their new items. I also purchased some lavender soap from one of the vendors, it is so nice. The day ended with a Yoga class and a panel discussion but I headed out before those. Overall this was a great event and if they have it again I’d go back.

HappinessIvanna Baron