Three Ways House Plants Are Good for Your Health

When I was a girl growing up in Texas I recall there always being plants around. My aunt used to have beautiful plants lining her stairwell outside as you walked up the stairs. She would also have them inside big and small. I remember my favorite ones being the big elephant ear (Tarul) plant. 

I really love plants and greenery of all kinds, but do you know what the messed up thing is? I usually can't keep a plant alive to save my own life! I guess I just don't have a green thumb or haven't tried hard enough! Well lately with a little research I have been able to keep my plants alive and I am grateful! Having plants around really makes me feel calm and happy inside.

Today I just wanted to share the love and give you Three Ways That House Plants Are Good for Your Health.

Plant benefits.

#1. Plants create a peaceful environment and enhances mood.

I don't know about you but having a few plants around automatically makes me feel calm and peaceful. There is something about the greenery of a plant that makes a room feel fresh and calm. Studies show that plants and flowers are powerful positive emotion “inducers”.  Some people even turn to Horticulture therapy (HT) to help with various health issues.

HT is a practice that uses gardening as therapy. It’s accepted for its rehabilitative, vocational, and community use. Outdoor gardening can reduce your risk for dementia by 36 percent. (healthline, 2017)

The next time you are going through a low point consider getting a few plants and see if they don't help to boost your mood.

Three Ways That House Plants Are Good for Your Health

#2 Plants help clear the air of toxin and pollutants. 

Plants are a natural air purifier. They help pull toxins from the air and keep the home purified and fresh. Air pollutants can contribute to several health risks including stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma (World Health Organization, 2016). Even though houseplants can't completely eliminate these risks they can help. 

Consider adding a houseplant to a few rooms in your home. Check out this list sharing some of the best plants to help purify your home. 

#3. Plants look nice.

There are so many beautiful house plants that can add more beauty to the decor in your home. They also tend to make it feel more warm and welcoming. This is excellent for your mental health.

Three Ways House Plants Are Good for Your Health

Don’t have a green thumb either? Don’t worry I have found the solution to that too...succulents! These pretty little plants can live indoors and require minimal care, #thanktheLord!

I made this terrarium at a workshop. It was really fun

I made this terrarium at a workshop. It was really fun

Here is a neat video I found online about growing succulents incase you want to give it a try.

These are just a few reasons I think having a houseplant is great and are good for your health. There are so many more benefits as well. When Spring hits nurseries and garden stores will be getting stocked up with beautiful plants. Take a trip to your local one and see what you can find. 

Do you have any houseplants?