The Importance of Creating More Than We Consume

We live in the information age. Anything you want to know or think you want to know is at your finger tips. A quick Google search will bring up what you were looking for plus some random unrelated stuff. I personally believe all of the information can become overwhelming. It can become hard to know what to believe and what not too. This is because everyone has a different opinion and a different experience.

When people find something that works for them, they want to share it and there isn’t anything wrong with that. The problem comes in when they talk about it as though it will work for you the same way it did for them. This is the point where you have to remember that everyone is different and unique. I think that instead of consuming so much information each day we should spend some of that time creating in our own lives.

Many times we will search for information on a topic looking for something to make us better. We then find something that we believe will work for us, but instead of implementing that thing, we continue to search. In return we receive more and more information that is all different so we get overwhelmed and don’t end up trying or doing anything.

My suggestion would be to stop searching. Stop looking for the next best thing and start implementing what you already know to be true. When you start implementing things you’ve learned into your life and focus on creating, you will be a happier and more content person. You will begin to feel like you are making progress in your life and really living the life you have been blessed with. You are no longer sitting on the sidelines reading about or scrolling through someone else’s life.

I am a writer and content creator, I write on this site weekly sharing my experiences and hoping to help someone along the way. With that being said, I know that my experiences cannot help everyone and this website is not geared towards everyone. I don’t ever want someone to come to my site and feel overwhelmed or like they MUST do the same thing that I talked about in order to be successful or happy.

When you visit any website, social media feed or page, you must approach it with grain of salt. What is that saying “eat the fish and spit out the bones?” Take what you learn and apply it where it fits. If it doesn’t apply to you forget it. We have enough things to worry about in our lives, we do not need to be so concerned about jumping on the bandwagon of the next best thing as well.

So to make a long post longer… I want to encourage you to find what works for you, take it and create a life you love. Stop searching and consuming and start creating.

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. -James 4:14

HappinessIvanna Baron