Simple ways to find joy in everyday life

You could call me a "cup half-full" kind of person. No matter what the situation and whether it is good or bad I try to find hope in it. I don't like being negative and though keeping a positive attitude is sometimes very hard, I try my hardest to do it. Ultimately I know that I am very blessed and things in my life could always be worse. Here are a few simple ways to find joy in everyday life.

Reflect on your blessings.

The first thing I do each morning and before bed with my family is I reflect on my blessings. When I look at all we have from things like clean running water, food to eat, a place live and even shoes on our feet. I realize that we are very blessed and that brings joy to my heart.

Instead of thinking about the bad things that are going on and things that we don't have, I praise God for the things I do and pray for those that have not.

Find time for what brings you joy.

I don't believe that God created us to go through life miserable and not doing the things that we enjoy. Not to say that He wants us to be selfish and feed our every desire, but He does want us to enjoy life and enjoy the things He has put on this earth for us.

Every day I find time to do something that makes me happy and brings me joy. This could be reading, writing, working out, having a cup of coffee or spending time with loved ones. I believe that doing something each day that brings joy to your heart makes life more fulfilling.

Do something selfless.

I don't know about for you, but there is something about doing for others that makes me feel joyful inside. I love to give and I love to see the smile on a person's face when I do something for them unexpectedly. This is even more true when I do for someone and expect nothing in return.

Sometimes the simple act of taking your mind off of yourself and your life/problems and focusing on someone else can bring a joy that is unexplainable. The next time you are finding it hard to find joy in your life, do something for someone else, this could possibly bring you instant joy.

HappinessIvanna Baron