Practical Ways To "Push Pause" in Life

Life can be hectic. We can push ourselves beyond our mental and physical abilities. Thanks to our fast paced society, we are often left wondering can we get a break? Well I’m here to tell you it is ok to “push pause”! Pushing pause is a way to reset yourself physically and mentally. For me the best reset is a beach day but living on the east coast, that means those only come in the warmer months. Here are some other ways that you can push pause and reset yourself.

  1. Take a Social Media Break: Social media can be an amazing and beautiful place to hang out and connect with friends and family but it can also be a place of contention and discord. Social media can have negative effects on our mental well being like creating jealousy, envy, and a false sense of being social.  Taking a break from social media allows your brain to reset and for us to see life more clearly.

  2. Get Outside: Getting outside in some fresh air can create a sense of rejuvenation. Researchers suggest that we should get at least 30-60 minutes of physical activity each day. Most of us fall short of this on any given day.  Take a few minutes each day to get outside, go for a walk or a run. Your brain and your body will thank you.

  3. Get Social: This may sound contradictory to finding calm but given that we often spend our time talking to people through text and social media, we have to make the time to enjoy being with people in real life.  Plan an adult “playdate”. Go painting, have a friends and family day at your house where people can pop in and out just to hang out as their schedule permits, plan a girls night out or a spa day. Spending time with the people that you love resets not only your mind but your heart also.

  4. Read a Good Book: Reading is an amazing way to meet new people, travel and expand your thinking.  As you get involved in the lives of the characters, you will be able to go beyond where you currently are. Depending on the genre, you can travel to new places and learn about new cultures even when your budget doesn’t allow you to physically get on a plane and go.  It really can be the next best thing to actually being there. Reading allows us as adults to ignite out imagination. When we use our imagination our creativity grows.

No matter what you like to do to reset, pushing pause can be an amazing way to destress and enjoy the people in your life.  What is your favorite way to “push pause”?

About the Author Stephanie

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Stephanie Felder is a wife, a mom, an educator and the creator of FitFaith Life. FitFaith Life is your virtual coach for faith, family, fitness, food and fun! Stephanie is committed to helping people live out their faith, love their family, extend their fitness, eat healthy foods and have lots and lots of fun. Through FitFaith Life, she provides inspiration, information and the motivation to be the best you can be for each stage of your life.
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