I haven't always been the biggest fan of greens. I have acquired a taste for them now, but it took me some time. Before I began eating greens on their own I would sneak them into a green smoothie. This was a quick and delicious way to make sure I was getting adequate vitamins and minerals from real food. Today I have a few tips on How to sneak more greens into your diet by drinking smoothies.

Use Mild Tasting Greens.

If you really hate greens, the best way to start is by choosing milder tasting greens over the more "green" tasting ones. You should choose greens such as spinach, romaine and baby kale (not the stronger types) , these can be blended with other ingredients in your smoothie such as fruit and remain undetected. 

Choose Strong Tasting Fruit.

The next thing you want to do is use fruit that have a strong flavor. These fruit will overpower the flavor of the greens so that you taste them less. My favorite fruit to use for this are bananas and mango, dates are also a great one.

I suggest freezing some overly ripened bananas and using them in your smoothies (be sure to remove the peel before freezing). Using frozen fruit will also give your smoothies a thicker consistency. You can buy frozen mango as well these are both great options.

Use a Flavored Protein Powder.

Some protein powder flavors can be really delicious and they come in all kinds. For my smoothies I usually opt for vanilla because it adds a nice creamy flavor. However fruity flavors can be good for masking the taste of greens. Just make sure you are choosing one with real sweeteners and natural ingredients. I like using organic vegan varieties they tend to be gentler on my stomach. 

Splurge on a Juice Bar Green Smoothie.

The last thing is to occasionally get a green smoothie at a juice bar. There are a lot of juice bars that specialize in making greens smoothies. They can be expensive, but every once in awhile I like to go to get ideas on how I can make my smoothies at home. Be sure to pay close attention when they are making them.

I also suggest that you ask them to make your smoothie with water or an unsweetened milk alternative. The sugar in these drinks can add up to be like drinking a milk shake if you aren't careful. This shouldn't be an everyday thing but more like a treat every now and then.

So those were just a few tips that helped me when I was first starting to drink green smoothies but didn't care for the taste of greens. I hope you found these tips helpful. I'll be posting more smoothie recipes soon so look for that.

Have a great day everyone.