Four Ways To Stay on Track With Your Fitness Routine

At the beginning of the New Year most people are pretty motivated to reach their fitness goals (if they have them) and to stay on track. But after awhile, especially if they jumped in too fast, they may get burnt out and start to lose momentum. Today I want to share four ways stay on track with your new found fitness routine. These are things that help me stay on track.

Remember why you started.

The first thing I would suggest you do, even if you have already started a new routine is to go back and write down your why. Why are you starting this new fitness routine? What is different about this year that you want to change something that you did not change last year? When you are figuring out your why, make sure it is something that has substance and really matters to you.

Maybe you want to be more fit for your quality of life, to make walking up stairs or walking around in general easier. Maybe you have a race planned and have a deadline by which you need to be fit and ready. Having a why that really matters, it will help keep you motivated on those days you want to give up.

Give yourself a goal to attain.

The next thing I would say to do is to give yourself a goal to attain and a date by which you want to attain it. For instance, if you want to become a better runner this year, go sign up for a race that is 8 to 12 weeks away. Once you have that race on your calendar it will give you something to train for. This in itself will keep you motivated because you know you want to be ready and in shape to run on race day.

Get an accountability partner.

No one really likes to let other people down. So another way to stay on track with your fitness routine is to get someone on board with you to keep you accountable. Ask a friend or family member who also wants to get fit to join a gym with you or sign up for that race also. You could also join a fitness community like CrossFit.

After you have someone, set up a schedule with them of dates and times that you will meet and train together. Let them know that you really want to stick with this and not to let you flake on them. Now a caveat here is you have to get someone who is maybe a little more motivated than you are. If they are someone who will let you back out without question they perhaps are not the best person to choose as your accountability partner.

Fall six times, get up seven.

My final tip is to keep starting again. If you fall off the fitness wagon it’s ok to start again. You haven’t failed until you quit. Make a commitment to reflect on where you are or begin again at the start of each new month or even each week. Having a habit of writing new fitness goals each month or week will give you a fitness mindset which will make it a lifestyle and not just a short term goal.