The Health Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth

Since discovering bone broth and finding one that I really like, I've been drinking about 2 cups a day. On my journey to heal my gut and acid reflux, I researched the benefits of bone broth and I decided to give it a try with hopes it would help with my healing.

Not only is bone broth a delicious and soothing to drink, it has more benefits than I can name in one post. I have already benefitted from drinking this liquid gold and I hope after today's post you will be persuaded to try it as well. 

So what exactly is bone broth? It is pretty much what it sounds like, it is a broth that is made by simmering bones (and the cartilage) for several hours in water and vegetables to release the vitamins and minerals from them. Bone broth can be made from beef, chicken, fish and many other bones. Chicken bone broth is my favorite.

You can add whatever veggies you want to get the flavor you want. Some people add apple cider vinegar because it is thought to help release the vitamins and minerals from the bones. Of course you can also buy pre-made bone broth from the store (which I do) if you don't feel like making your own. There are several great brands out there that make delicious bone broth.

I have yet to make my own because I love the pre-made ones so much. I think I will make it the near future to save money because it can get expensive.

Ok, now on to the benefits I have experienced since I started using bone broth regularly.

1. Soothes the stomach.

The main reason I started drinking bone broth in the first place was because I was looking for something to help relieve heartburn and digestive issues. I read that the gelatin in the bone broth helped to restore the intestinal lining and I figured I needed that after being on acid reducing medication for so long. Whenever I feel queasy or heartburn coming on, I warm up a mug of bone broth and I feel like it really helps soothe my stomach.

2. Good for hair, skin and nails.

Bone broth is packed with collagen which is great for improving skin texture and strengthening hair and nails. I first discovered the benefits of collagen when I started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and fell in love with it. Supplementing with collagen made my hair grow like crazy and I could feel the difference as well. Since drinking bone broth regularly, my skin has had less breakouts. I believe part of this is because of bone broth but also other lifestyle and diet changes I have made have contributed to this. 

3. Makes a great snack.

If there is a time that I don't feel like eating anything heavy or if I am fasting, I will reach for a cup of bone broth to hold me over until my next meal. Bone broth is a great source of protein (about 10 grams per 8oz cup) which helps keep me full. I am a huge believer in giving your digestive system a break from time to time by fasting and I find bone broth helps with this. It also feels good to know that I am healing my gut while giving it a break by drinking bone broth. 

4. Keeps colds at bay.

Have you ever been told to eat chicken soup when you were fighting a cold? Well, next time reach for a mug of bone broth to reap similar benefits. Bone broth has immune boosting vitamins and minerals and amino acids that help fight colds. Most bone broths also have apple cider vinegar which is my go-to cold fighting remedy. 

5. Supports bone health and strength.

Bone broth contains both calcium and magnesium, these are both excellent for bone health. I had been suffering with a lot of random aches and pains, which I also blame on long term use of acid blockers. I feel like I am on the up and up since quitting those and having a regular cup of bone broth is helping to rebuild and keep my bones strong.

If you are looking for a brand of bone broth to start with, my favorites so far are the chicken flavors by Bonafide Provisions and Epic Bar.    

So thats all I have today about bone broth, I could literally go on and on. There are a lot of other resources online about it so do a google search and I'm sure you will find plenty more benefits.

Until next time, live well. 

HealthIvanna Baron