7 Ways To Avoid Holiday Stress

I remember when the Holiday’s were easy. It was all about celebrating the season. That was way back when before I was the Holiday Maker aka Mom. Being a Mom during the holidays can become an overwhelming duty.

Between the school Holiday celebrations and other celebrations, the Holidays are when you may begin to do extra things that may extend you.  Starting with that first Halloween party that you have to make those cute (and what you thought were simple according to Pinterest) brownie spiders for the class.

You only eat the ugly ones even if that's 2 or 3 (or 4 or 5 and some crumbs) brownies but it begins the cycle of emotional eating during the Holidays. Food is comforting when stressed and why we often fall to things that don’t serve us when we are emotionally running on high or low.

It’s easier to have an excuse to fall off track during the Holiday’s

It’s usually where people give up and give in to temptation because in January they will get back on track. You know you need some extra fluff to keep you warm in those winter months. Saying “no’’ at festivities can become daunting. Ultimately, Quitting on yourself during the Holiday’s is the reason most people gain weight during the Holidays.  

It’s not the temptation you were able to overcome those before and stand firm. It’s the other stress of added responsibilities, commitments and social settings that lead us to overindulge. I think that it is easier for us to splurge and give yourself grace during the Holidays because its a way for us to deal with the stress the Holiday season brings.

Halloween begins the Holiday Stress

Let’s begin at Halloween. You have to gather all the parts for your kid's imagination of what they want to be for 2 hours on Halloween night. I mean you will get use out of the costume, with the five different parties and obligations, you have pre-Halloween. But, It’s all an added addition to the already stressful life.

Whether it’s extracurriculars, school work, personal work or all that life has to bring. The Holiday’s are added task and commitments that you don’t have any other time of year. It’s all jam-packed in the short days of the last three months of the end of the year.  

Candy tax becomes the gateway to using sweets and treats to deal with stress. We fall back into old habits with unlimited candy just a handful away. The candy bowl also last for days later and without even thinking you are snacking on a few fun sizes several times a day.

Thanksgiving you start quitting on your goals

Then Thanksgiving is just three weeks away. Thanksgiving is a time you should be grateful but most of us are stressed. Either from being around family (might be speaking for myself but that can be a stressful environment) Or, If you’re hosting or coordinating the Thanksgiving meal. Organizing the gathering is added pressure.  A couple of glasses of wine are welcomed during the Holidays which you probably would have been monitoring them any other time a year.

It is common when stressed to go back to back habits and overindulgence in things that you have been reducing. Even if you have been diligent throughout the year to reach your goals. It is more common during the Holidays than any other time of year to give up and try again in January.

So how do you beat the Holiday Stress without stressing yourself out?

7 Ways to not let Holiday Stress get to you

1. Don't start compromising despite your desire to give up.

Stay the course. Having some familiarity and healthy ways to deal with stress will help you during this chaotic time. So, if you have been making exercise a part of your routine. Don’t stop now. Despite the cold weather, over-scheduled calendar or short days. Sticking to a healthy exercise routine can help you avoid stress and continue to take steps to reach your goals.

2. Don't sacrifice nutrition.

If you know, you're attending a gathering that may not have healthy options. Eat before arriving or bring a healthy choice with you. Either way, you will either make better decisions when you're already full or have a plan b if there are no healthy alternatives. You can still be festive without overindulging.  Finding balance is helpful to maintain a stress-free Holiday season.

3. Drink water.

In the winter months, people consume less water, but it helps with stress, cravings, and energy levels. Water is great for mood enhancement, restoring your body, reducing stress hormones and overall health.

4. Get enough sleep.

Well rested bodies are less stressed bodies. Getting adequate sleep is essential during stressful times to keep hormones balanced and stress levels low.

5. Make fewer commitments.

I know you want to attend everything, but sometimes you have to say, “No”. Trying to limit your Holiday commitments will allow you to enjoy your time and reduce anxiety or being over scheduled.

6. Connect with your family and/or friends.

Don't get wrapped up in To-Do's and remember to make memories. I know it's hard to be present in the moments. Holiday times adds duties like costume making, Christmas Card outfit coordination, Kids’ Concert attire, gifts for everyone, and don’t forget the dozens of baked cookies.

Delegate or tackle projects as a family team. Creating memories and taking the pressure off of you. I love making cookies with the girls and as they get older it’s becoming a fun family effort.

7. Connect with God.

As a family, we like to do an Advent devotional during the season.It’s a great way to connect daily as a family. Spending time with God helps reduce the stress and anxieties of the season. Sharing time with my family to devote is always a welcomed way to end the crazy days.

Whether you use all these tips or just one, I hope this Holiday Season instead of stressing yourself and finding comfort in food. Continuing to honor your temple and work towards your goals. I hope this season you're able to enjoy the blessings of time with family and friends celebrating.

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De Bolton is the mother of three little girls ages 14,10 and 3 and wife to her best friend Coach Ed Bolton for fourteen years. Hopped around a few places on the East Coast but finally settling and making our home in Cinnaminson near her hometown in Moorestown, NJ.

Majored in Business Administration emphasis in Marketing at Columbia Union College which is now known as Washington Adventist University. De began blogging in May 2015 as a Christian Mom; In August 2015 she began her weight loss journey. In the last three years De has lost over 80 pounds and gained a degree in Fitness and Exercise Science. Obtained her Advanced NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist and AFAA Group Fitness.

De has been sharing weight loss journey through social media three years; debut as a Figure Competitor in October 2017. De has taken a personal weight loss journey and it has fueled her desire to Personal/Virtual Training and Group Coaching. She is building a community of women who are glorifying God through honoring their temple.

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