How I Cope With Bouts of Depression

The thing about depression and feeling low is it can hit you out of nowhere!  Sometimes, I feel moody, anxious, irritable and annoyed for no reason at all. I've cried several times for I don't know what... my life is pretty great and I am blessed. I have a great family, a great job and a wonderful home. The Good Lord has kept me and I am thankful! But even with all of this sometimes I get sad.

How Minimalism Has Helped My Anxiety

When you have anxiety you worry, that's basically what the word means. The last thing a person with anxiety needs is something else to worry about. What am I going to wear? What color should I pick? Which shoes look best? Where should I put this or that? These are all questions I can do without considering each day. Because of this several years ago I adopted a minimalist lifestyle and I love it. 

Things I Use To Alleviate Acid Reflux From GERD

Today I wanted to share some of the foods I eat and things I use just about daily to keep my gut healthy and heartburn at bay. I suffer from Acid Reflux Disease or GERD and I have ever since I had my kids (14 years). I look for natural ways to find relief and I only take meds when it get unbearable. These are some of the foods and drinks that have really helped.

Three Ways House Plants Are Good for Your Health

When I was a girl growing up in Texas I recall there always being plants around. My aunt used to have beautiful plants lining her stairwell outside as you walked up the stairs. She would also have them inside big and small. I remember my favorite ones being the big elephant ear (Tarul) plant. 

OrangeTheory Fitness Class Review

As much as I love working out at home this fall I found that I was starting to get a little bored. I didn’t feel I was pushing myself as hard as I could and I found myself returning to the same types of workouts. I decided that it would be good to start taking some classes to switch things up a bit and get motivated.

Four Ways To Stay on Track With Your Fitness Routine

At the beginning of the New Year most people are pretty motivated to reach their fitness goals (if they have them) and to stay on track. But after awhile, especially if they jumped in too fast, they may get burnt out and start to lose momentum. Today I want to share four ways stay on track with your new found fitness routine. These are things that help me stay on track.